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New World Consulting goes beyond providing clients with statistics, we advise based on in-depth research and analysis tailored to meet clients’ unique needs

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What We Do

New World Consulting specializes in providing in-depth, objective analysis of the world nuclear fuel market for participants in the nuclear energy industry and for financial institutions and investors who wish to gain a better understanding of the industry.

New World Consulting provides financial information and analysis related to all aspects of the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, including supply and demand of nuclear fuel, marketing, contract negotiation, analysis and explanation of economic and policy issues related to the overall nuclear energy industry. This includes addressing questions involving primary and secondary uranium supplies, as well as issues surrounding current and future supplies of enrichment, conversion, and fabrication.

Why New World Consulting

NWC offers clients a perspective on the nuclear energy industry developed over more than twenty-five years of working directly with the world’s largest uranium, conversion, and enrichment producers, as well as major vendors of commercial and military nuclear reactors.  Our first-hand knowledge of Russia and Kazakhstan is based on having lived and worked in the former Soviet Union for more than thirty years, beginning in 1976.  Our ability to speak directly to everyone from well-field hands to senior executives, without the filter of interpreters, has given us an unparalleled understanding of this part of the world and enabled us to develop personal relationships with many of the most influential leaders in the nuclear industry.

In-Depth Research Tailored To Your Needs

For more than the past decade, NWC has also advised investment banks, portfolio managers, industry analysts, and investors on every aspect of the nuclear energy industry.  We have given numerous presentations at industry and investment conferences and pride ourselves on maintaining an objective perspective on the issues facing the nuclear industry.  Our work has included in-depth studies of the fundamentals of uranium supply and demand, secondary supplies, government inventories, and future demand for nuclear energy, as well as advising government agencies on questions of strategic stockpiles and nuclear security.

Going Beyond Statistics

You will find much on our website that is familiar and we routinely reference many of the excellent trade publications on which the nuclear industry relies for day-to-day information. Instead of merely replicating this information in a different format, however, we use our experience, our personal relationships, and our unique access to information to formulate our own interpretation of market data.  The resulting conclusions enable us to see beyond the charts and graphs of current statistics and develop a clearer and more accurate understanding of short-term trends and longer-term strategic issues confronting the nuclear energy industry.